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There are a plenty of web development programming languages in use today, but at Highline IT, we specialize in PHP development. This open-source web development platform offers a number of advantages that makes it an excellent choice for businesses of any size. PHP is ideally suited to developing flexible solutions for end-to-end control of their companies, even across various operating systems, platforms, and programming languages.
So what can our PHP development services offer your business? This platform is a set of application development tools that are primarily used for website development and web-based application development. If you have an existing PHP website our experienced team can easily and efficiently review your codebase and offer everything from updates to complete code re-writes.
There are several reasons we prefer to develop using PHP over other programming languages and platforms :
  • Large ecosystem of off-the-shelf applications such as WordPress and Magento (e-commerce)
  • Broad compatibility across many platforms
  • MySQL database support
  • Availability of programming resources

A well-designed web application written in PHP can help keep your business connected to important applications and services, as well provide a streamlined platform for information sharing and data integration.

For more information on how Highline IT can put PHP development to work for your business, or for information on our web design, web development, and Internet marketing services, contact us today.